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We analyze, review and compare online brokers based on a variety of factors

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Best Brokers 2023

Picking the perfect online broker can be a daunting task. We analyze the best based on a variety of factors and trading styles.

Our Methodology



We constantly look for brokers to feature and review. There has been a flood of brokers and scams in recent years. It is important to analyze and expose unlawful practices.



We analyze and review brokers on a variety of factors. Fees, security, investment offering, account types, mobile trading, research and education available, trading platform, tools, and regulation are just a few.



Once we thoroughly research and analyze services, we publish our results on our website.

We use the same criteria to review and compare brokers. Our final score is based on comprehensive research, testing and also includes an aggregation of reviews from a list of “Trusted Seed Websites”. You can read more about our methodology here.


The broker you choose to trade with should be regulated. Ideally you should look for tier-1 compliance.


Fees and commission vary from broker to broker. Active traders should look to minimize costs as these stack up over time.

Speed of execution

For day trading (active traders) this is another factor to consider. This will enable you to pay the price you want or as close to that as possible.

Customer Support

Every trader needs assistance at some point. You should look for online brokers that offer quick and good customer support.

Trading Platforms

 The trading platform should offer the order types, charting tools, research data that you need.

Available Markets and Assets

What are you going to trade? A Forex trader need the right currency pairs available. While a stock trader wants the stocks available on the trading platform.

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