Public Finance International was established with only one thing in mind: to provide unbiased and comprehensive reviews to help investors find the best online brokers.

We are a team of financial enthusiasts with experience in financial analytics, trading and our goal is simple: to become your go-to source for comprehensive broker opinions and reviews. We believe that through rigorous testing and analysis we are able to deliver trustworthy ratings in the industry.

With over 30,000 words of research we are striving to become the most trusted resource for online broker reviews worldwide.

Our Team


Ziga Breznik

Founder/Head Of Research

Ziga Breznik is the owner and head of research at PublicFinanceInternational.org – he is an active investor in the crypto and stock markets – he has seen trading platforms disappear along with his investments – especially during the 2017 “crypto boom”. Ziga learned the hard way that finding a reputable and trustworthy online brokerage is key to long-term success in the financial markets. He founded PublicFinanceInternational.org as a platform where he shares his research with one goal in mind: to provide online brokers reviews.

our team Alejandro

Alejandro Arrieche


Alejandro is a full-time financial writer with more than 7 years of experience in financial management and analysis. He is the former Operations Manager of a 7-figure credit solutions company in the United States and he regularly contributes as a financial journalist for LearnBonds.com and as a financial analyst for European trading platform Capital.com.

Alejandro holds a Master’s in Corporate Finance and speaks both English and Spanish fluently. He trades options, stocks, and ETFs regularly following a value-driven investment philosophy.

Our Methodology

A lot of research goes into our reviews. We believe our research methodology is the most comprehensive in the industry. On top of our own research, we also gather reviews from our internal “Seed Trusted Websites” and aggregate them. Through this we put together, what we believe is, the toughest review methodology in the industry.

How do we research and test?

We have 7 primary categories that we research during our testing:

  • Fees & Commissions
  • Types of Investments Available
  • Platform & Security
  • Customer Service
  • Mobile Experience
  • Regulation

What is our “Seed of Trusted Websites” list?

On top of our own research and testing of online brokers, we also use what we our “seed of trusted websites”. Through our own research and background checks, we compiled a list of seed websites we use to aggregate broker ratings and include this score in our final rating. This enables us to have the most comprehensive reviews. Period.

Want to drop us a message?

Feel free to send an email to:

ziga (at) www.publicfinanceinternational.org

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