Best Forex Trading Apps 2023

In this thorough analysis, we will look at the best forex trading applications on the market, taking into account a number of crucial issues that all active forex traders and forex brokers should be aware of.

Best Forex App Overall

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With this digital age ensuring mobility and accessibility, it is essential for currency traders to constantly have at their disposal trading tools, current quotes, forex market news, and other key information. As such, traders are now blessed with a wide range of forex trading and mobile apps (and trading platforms in general) to choose from.

It is not surprising that forex traders are increasingly using mobile forex trading apps as a default gateway to trade currency pairs, given the development of smartphone technology. However, it might be challenging for traders to select the best forex trading app due to the sheer number available.

Not All Apps Are Created Equal

Although many platforms assert to enhance forex trading, not all of them are worthwhile of consideration, in our opinion. Before making an investment by way of subscribing to forex trading platforms, it is crucial to carefully weigh the advantages and characteristics of each service because, in truth, not all forex mobile apps are made equal.

Given these factors, it is essential to choose a forex trading app that best fits your individual requirements and trading approach. Through this article, we have highlighted a combination of the most well-known forex mobile apps, together with our own personal favorites.

Most of these trading platforms have won significant acclaim and admiration from the trading community. However, traders sometimes have a unique set of preferences and requirements. Owing to that fact, while this article showcases ‘the best forex trading app’ (followed by well-researched runners-up), use cases and circumstances differ from trader to trader. Please keep in mind that we have reviewed the following top forex mobile apps from a general, objective perspective.

We do have a pick for the best all-rounder, but aside from that, the remaining trading platforms and mobile trading apps are equally as impressive, but sometimes for more specific reasons.

Best Apps for Trading Forex 2023

We have thoroughly searched the forex market environment to compile a list of the best forex trading apps that are currently offered and utilized by forex brokers and forex traders. These applications serve a wide variety of investors, from novices to seasoned experts. We will provide you with a thorough analysis of each app in this post, emphasizing what makes it stand out from the competition and why most forex brokers will benefit for various reasons.

Most of these trading platforms allow users to open a free demo account – which is useful for familiarizing themselves with the market and platform before online trading with real funds.

This is our selection of the best forex trading apps available to the market as of 2023:

  • Pepperstone – The Best Forex Trading app for general Forex traders and Forex brokers, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly forex trading platform that enables users to begin trading without too harsh of a learning curve.
  • AvaTrade – The Award-Winning Forex mobile trading platform AvaTradeGO, with cutting-edge features and an intuitive mobile app design, helps trade Forex without too much head-scratching clutter.
  • FP Markets – The Tight Spread mobile Forex trading app provides traders with access to competitive market price data and a wide range of financial instruments to enhance trading strategies.
  • XM – The Best Forex Trading app for education, with an extensive library of educational resources and training materials.
  • eToro – The Copy Trading Forex Trading app, allowing traders to follow the strategies of successful traders, copy trading patterns, and make informed decisions. A popular forex trading platform used by new and experienced traders alike.
  • FXTM – A leading forex trading platform offering a wide range of tools and resources to help you become a successful Forex trader, enabling a nice balance of advanced trading strategies for experienced traders, together with a user-friendly feel for less advanced traders.
  • – A modern foreign exchange trading app that leverages artificial intelligence to provide traders with personalized trading insights and recommendations within the various forex markets. Expect this currency trading app to evolve quickly as AI becomes more prevalent.
  • IQ Option – A versatile trading app that offers a range of online trading financial instruments, including forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.
  • IG – A trusted and established forex trading app offering a wide range of trading options and competitive pricing.
  • FXCM – A leading forex trading platform with a range of tools and resources to help both professional traders and novice traders succeed.
  • – A trusted and well-established forex trading app offering a range of trading options for the forex trader, together with comprehensive research and analysis of global financial markets.
  • Trading 212 – A user-friendly forex trading app offering a range of financial instruments and a host of educational resources – one of the top forex trading apps for stat-based trading.
  • Oanda – A leading forex trading platform offering a wide range of trading tools and competitive pricing.
  • Nadex – A reliable and secure forex trading app offering a range of financial instruments and an intuitive trading platform to trade Forex without unnecessary confusion.
Our Top Pick
Pepperstone Logo

PFI Rating: 4.9/5

Pepperstone – Best Forex Trading App Overall

Our experts think Pepperstone is one of the best Forex trading apps for general, overall trading. Since launching in 2010, Pepperstone has swiftly become recognized as one of the most renowned and trustworthy forex brokers in the business.

Traders may access a variety of markets from a single platform thanks to the company's vast selection of financial products, which includes Forex, Crypto, Shares, Indices, and Cryptocurrencies.

The minimal minimum deposit amount of $0 is arguably one of Pepperstone's main benefits to many traders. As a result, a wider spectrum of traders, including beginners, can access it. The organization also provides a selection of deposit options, making it simple to fund your account. Additionally, Pepperstone is a trustworthy forex broker that is overseen by reputable agencies, so you can rest easy knowing that your money is in good hands.

More than 1200 different financial instruments are available through Pepperstone, with reasonable spreads and cheaper forex-trading fees. Because of this, traders may access a variety of marketplaces and make wise investment choices. A flawless mobile trading experience is provided through the company's forex trading app, which is accessible on both iOS and Android. Trading on the go is possible with MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, or cTrader, giving your typical forex broker or trader a variety of very useful tools and features.

76.6% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider

Pepperstone offers two account types known as Razor and Standard. The Standard account is intended for the forex broker or trader who prefers a more conventional trading experience, whereas the Razor account is ideal for the more seasoned forex broker or trader who is seeking the lowest possible trading fees. The same selection of financial instruments and trading tools are accessible through both accounts, giving traders the option to select the one that best meets their requirements.

In conclusion, Pepperstone is a thorough and trustworthy forex trading program that provides a variety of financial instruments, affordable trading costs, and a platform that enables users to trade forex more intuitively.

Pepperstone is the ideal option for all of your forex trading needs, regardless of whether you are a seasoned professional or just getting started. The former will be impressed with the comprehensive range of technical analysis tools, real market data, charting tools, and broad technical analysis, while the latter will find the free demo account particularly useful.

  • Regulated by Top Authorities
  • Low Spreads
  • No Minimum Deposit

Great For: Mobile Forex Trading

Pros Cons
Low Forex Spreads Only CFD
Fast Order Execution
Trading Tools

Mobile App: 4.9/5

Regulation: 4.9/5

Fees: 4.9/5

Min. Deposit: $0

Overall: 4.9/5

Runner Up
AvaTrade Logo

PFI Rating: 4.9/5


Since its inception in 2006, AvaTrade has built a strong reputation as a dependable and trustworthy FX broker and has developed a top forex trading app over the years. AvaTrade is governed by well-known financial regulators around the world and upholds reputable standards of security. AvaTradeGO, the broker's cutting-edge FX trading app, is highly regarded by traders for its intuitive design and cutting-edge capabilities.

AvaTrade is available to a wide spectrum of traders thanks to its low $100 minimum deposit requirement, transferred through the usual methods of credit and debit cards, wire transfers, and electronic payments. This broker offers more than 1500 trading instruments, all of which are offered at competitive spreads, including Forex, Stocks, Commodities, FX Options, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, ETFs, and Bonds.

One of AvaTradeGO's unique features is its customizability options, which let users adapt the software to their particular trading requirements. Additionally, the program provides live charts, real-time prices, and extensive technical analysis capabilities, including sophisticated order types. The software gives traders simple access to the markets from any location, thanks to its availability on both iOS and Android. Overall, AvaTrade offers a top-notch trading environment and is highly recommended for both new and seasoned traders.

76.6% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider

Great For: Mobile Forex Trading

Pros Cons
User-Friendly Trading App Only CFD
Free Deposit and Withdrawals
Trading Tools

Mobile App: 4.9/5

Regulation: 4.9/5

Fees: 4.9/5

Min. Deposit: $0

Overall: 4.9/5

Tight Spreads
FP Markets Logo

PFI Rating: 4.9/5

FP Markets – ECN Pricing Forex Trading App

Since its founding in 2005, FP Markets has been subject to regulation by some of the most reputable organizations in the world, including ASIC and the CySEC, ensuring that it runs honestly and openly. As a result, it is a dependable option for traders seeking a broker who upholds the strictest regulations through a user-friendly mobile trading app.

FP Markets is known for its high standard of trading conditions, which include tight spreads and a broad choice of over 60 currency pairs that offer good liquidity. These conditions make it a suitable platform for traders who are looking to take advantage of currency trading with confidence.

Another element that distinguishes it from the competitors is the FP Markets Forex Trading App. The software, which works with both iOS and Android users, provides a large selection of technical indicators, customizable leverage levels, and order types that are crucial for profitable trading. With watch lists, favorites, and custom alerts, the app is also simple to use, making it a practical and accessible platform for traders on the move.

On FP Markets Official Website

In addition to providing traders with access to a wide range of currency pairs, FP Markets also gives them access to more than 10,000 different financial assets, such as equities, commodities, and indices. As a result, traders have the freedom to diversify their portfolios and trade a variety of markets from a single practical platform.

FP Markets also features a minimum deposit requirement of just $100, making it available to traders of all skill levels, from novices to seasoned pros. With such a small initial commitment required, traders may easily sign up with FP Markets and feel confident enough to start trading on the Forex market.

Great For: Low Spread Forex Trading App

Pros Cons
Low Forex Spreads Research Could Be Better
Fast Order Execution
Trading Tools

Mobile App: 4.9/5

Regulation: 4.9/5

Fees: 4.9/5

Min. Deposit: $100

Overall: 4.9/5

What is Forex Trading?

Forex trading refers to the foreign exchange market. This is a global, decentralized market that focuses on trading foreign currencies.

Forex trading is based on buying and selling different currencies. The value of currencies is constantly fluctuating, so this type of trading is all about exchanging one currency for another.

Essentially, forex trading is simply a form of investment that involves buying and selling currencies with the aim of making a profit. With the forex market being one of the largest and most liquid markets in the world, traders have access to a wide range of opportunities to trade and make money.

Forex trading appeals to novice traders owing to the fact it is so accessible, without the need for high-level technical knowledge – at least, on a hobby trading level. As new traders familiarize themselves with the basics of forex trading, they can develop technical analysis, and trading strategies, which help them gradually become more technically proficient.

Various trading strategies will develop, over time, as the trader becomes more experienced. For example, one of the key aspects of forex trading is being able to backtest your trading strategies. This allows traders to test their ideas and strategies in a simulated environment, which can help them refine their approach and make better-informed decisions.

Having access to a mobile app is also crucial for forex traders, as it allows them to stay on top of their positions and make trades even when they are on the move. A good mobile app should be user-friendly, customizable, and offer a range of trading tools and features that can help traders be more effective.

Another important consideration for forex traders is choosing the right trading platform. The best forex broker will provide a platform that is intuitive, easy to use, and offers a range of trading tools and features that are essential for successful trading.

What are Apps for Forex Trading?

Traders can manage their forex trades and obtain market data from their mobile devices using forex trading apps, which are mobile applications installed on iOS or Android devices. These apps are made to be user-friendly and give traders access to crucial market data and trading instruments, such as live quotes, charts, and technical analysis tools, in real-time.

Traders can use forex apps to access their trading accounts and engage in all of the necessary procedures to make trades, such as monitoring trading signals and live quotes, using charting tools for technical indicators, following news and economic data, studying previous trading history, and a host of other features.

How to Get Started?

You simply have to create an account, add money to your account, and start trading online. These apps use real-time prices and exchange rates and create a central area where you can make all forex transactions. 

Many apps have account minimums and some have demo modes that allow you to trade without using real money in order to get a feel for the app. You should also be aware of the fact that forex day trading takes a lot of knowledge and experience. Also, you should read our guide on whether or not day trading is legal, which is a common question. You can also check out the best crypto trading apps.

How to Start Trading Forex on Mobile

If you have never traded before, it is a good idea to start with a demo mode to get a feel for investing without any risk. 

New traders can also make use of automated trading features and educational tools. Simply install the app, create an account, and you can dive straight into the world of forex trading. For the best apps for day trading read our analysis.

How to Pick the Best One?

Broker Regulation

Regulation is done to ensure better safety and security of the app. Apps need to be regulated in your area to make sure that they are safe to trade on. 

These trading apps listed above all offer a high level of global regulation.

Currency Pairs Available

The best forex platforms offer a wide range of currency pairs for more versatile trading/ 

When choosing a forex platform, you want the most currency options possible to increase your scope of investments.

Fees & Commissions

Fees and commissions come in many shapes and forms. These include spreads, trading fees, non-trading fees, and more. Fees can make a major impact on your trading strategy – especially in the long run. Make sure to choose a platform that offers low fees and commissions for your investing style. We researched the best brokers with zero or low-spread accounts in this guide.


Having good research tools allows you to make more informed investment choices. These tools include market news, economic calendars, analysis, and more.


The best trading apps have features designed to help users make better investment moves. This includes alerts, notifications, price alerts, watch lists, execution speed, and more. 


Are there good resources to teach you about trading and forex? This is important for beginner traders. As already noted, this is a highly accessible market, extremely popular with first-time novice traders. However, a false sense of security often proceeds a few ‘beginner's luck' trades, leading to future trades based on little more than gut feeling.

In other words, there are many basic principles to learn with forex trading, and they shouldn't be skirted over. The internet is rich with resources aimed to steer new traders in the right direction, many of which are less than reliable, depending on the source. Choosing a trading app with useful, up-to-date educational material will go a long way towards being better informed in terms of the trading basics.

Device Compatibility

The app should be compatible with your phone, computer, and bank for easy withdrawals.

Demo Accounts

These accounts allow you to trial the app through a risk-free fake money trading experience. Again, this is great for beginners.

Account Minimums

The minimum amount needed to open your account. This should match your investment plan. Some options with low account minimums include IQ Options, XM, and Nadex.

Payment Methods

How can you deposit and withdraw funds to and from the app? This needs to be suitable for your banking needs.

Customer Support

Customer support can make or break an app. Particularly trading apps, where there is risk and money involved, you need to have a strong level of customer support. The best trading apps offer 24/7 support with easily available chat and phone support options. 


What is the best forex trading app for beginners?

There are loads of amazing options available. This should be chosen depending on your level of experience and investment style. eToro is generally considered the leading forex and trading app for all kinds of investors.

Can you get rich in forex trading?

Absolutely. There is also the opportunity to lose money. Wise, effective trading strategies offer an unlimited field of opportunity.

Forex trading has the potential to be a successful investment strategy, and many individuals have actually amassed substantial wealth through trading forex. However, forex trading also involves a significant amount of risk and calls for self-control, endurance, patience, and a thorough knowledge of the market. It's critical to approach forex trading with realistic expectations and recognize that success is not a given.

How do I start trading forex with $100?

Create an account at a broker, deposit the money to your account, and you can start trading in forex straight away.

Who are the best Forex trading signal providers?

While there are many available, our top two picks include eToro and Pepperstone. 


With a daily trading amount of over $6 trillion, the foreign exchange market is now the largest financial market in the world. This is a highly accessible market that appeals to traders of all experience levels – novice and professional alike – owing to the fact that forex trading is essentially quite simple, at least in theory.

Forex traders use a range of strategies and techniques to get a comprehensive view of the market and make trades depending on technical analysis and fundamentals while employing a solid risk management strategy.

Forex trading usually takes place through a forex broker (mostly online or through a dedicated mobile app) and requires only a small deposit to start trading, usually around $100. Forex trading can be an opportunity to make serious money, but not without a level of risk that requires diligence, rational thinking, and a reasonable grasp of the market.

In short, forex trading is the most popular financial market worldwide for a good reason: this can be a very lucrative endeavor if traders adhere to reliable strategies and follow the basic principles of trading. The caveat, however, is that forex trading should be treated with extreme caution for less experienced traders. Tread carefully, follow steady, gradual procedures, and forex trading can be a healthy, profitable venture rich with potential.

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Ziga Breznik is the owner and head of research at – he is an active investor in the forex, crypto and stock markets – he has seen trading platforms disappear along with his investments – especially during the “crypto boom”. Ziga learned the hard way that finding a reputable and trustworthy online brokerage is key to long-term success in the financial markets. He founded as a platform where he shares his research with one goal in mind: to provide unbiased and trustworthy online brokers reviews.