Best Forex Brokers For Scalping 2023

In our guide, we will go over the best brokers for scalping. Not all forex brokers allow scalping, so it is essential to choose a forex broker that allows it. 

We base our research on various factors such as fees, security, regulation, minimum deposits, ease of use, trading platform, trading tools, maximum leverage, execution speeds, and more.

List of The Best Scalping Brokers 2023

The best brokers for scalping are listed below.

  • Pepperstone – Best Scalping Forex Broker 2023 Overall
  • FP Markets – Best Broker for High Leverage Scalping
  • IC Markets – Best Scalping Broker for Trading Tools
  • Admiral Markets – Competitive Spreads Scalping Broker
  • HotForex – Tight Spread Scalping Broker
  • Grand Capital – Good MetaTrader Scalping Forex Broker
  • LCG – Good ECN Forex Scalping Broker
  • VantageFX – Fast Execution Scalping Broker

Our Top 3 Picks

Runner up

FP Markets Logo

PFI Rating 4.9

  • Fast Execution
  • Tight Spreads
  • Well Regulated

Best Overall

Pepperstone Logo

PFI Rating 4.9

  • Fast Execution
  • Well Regulated
  • Low Spreads

Third Place

IC Markets Logo

PFI Rating 4.8

  • Fast Execution
  • Well Regulated
  • Low Spreads
Our Top Pick
Pepperstone Logo

PFI Rating: 4.9/5

Pepperstone – Best Broker for Scalping Overall

Pepperstone is our top pick as the best broker for scalping. Pepperstone was founded in 2010 and offers CFDs on Forex, Crypto, Shares, Indices, and Cryptocurrencies.

The minimum deposit is $0, and Pepperstone offers a wide variety of deposit methods. Pepperstone is a safe and reliable forex broker regulated by top-tier authorities.

Forex trading fees are low from 0.0 pips. Pepperstone offers two account types: Razor and Standard.

  • Regulated by Top Authorities
  • Low Spreads
  • No Minimum Deposit

76.6% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider

Great For: Scalping

The Pepperstone Razor account is excellent for liquidity and is great for scalping. Execution speeds are fast, taking just 0.35ms on average. The leverage at Pepperstone goes up to 1:500, depending on your country of residence. They offer MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader platforms for scalping. Further, the Pepperstone active trader program offers better trading fees for high-volume traders.

Pros Cons
Scalping on all account types Market Access outside Forex and CFDs could be better
Many Currency Pairs Available
User-friendly trading platform
Low Spreads

Mobile App: 4.9/5

Regulation: 4.9/5

Fees: 4.9/5

Min. Deposit: $0

Overall: 4.9/5

Runner Up
FP Markets Logo

PFI Rating: 4.9/5

FP Markets – Best ECN Scalping Broker

FP Markets comes in close second as the best scalping ECN forex broker. FP Markets was founded in 2005 and is regulated by top-tier regulators such as CySEC and ASIC.

The minimum deposit is $100, and FP Markets offers trading on 10,000+ assets.

Forex trading fees are low from 0.0 pips. FP Markets offers two account types: Raw and Standard. The maximum leverage available is 1:500 on the FP Markets Pro Account.

On FP Markets Official Website

Great For: ECN Style Pricing

FP Markets is great for scalping as it offers tight spreads and access to 1:500 high leverage on their Pro Account. They are based in Sydney, Australia, and have a proven reputation. FP Markets won multiple awards for their education, customer support, and execution speeds. FP Markets trading platform supports MT4, MT5, and IRESS.

Pros Cons
10,000+ Assets Desktop Platform could be better
Execution Speeds
Low Forex Trading Fees

Mobile App: 4.8/5

Regulation: 4.9/5

Fees: 4.9/5

Min. Deposit: $100

Overall: 4.9/5

Great Choice
IC Markets Logo

PFI Rating: 4.8/5

IC Markets

IC Markets was founded in 2007 and is regulated by ASIC, CySEC, FSAS, and SCB.

Compared to Pepperstone and FP Markets, they have a higher minimum deposit amount. The minimum deposit is $200. Trading tools are better at IC Markets, while Pepperstone offers better market research tools.

IC Markets offers three account types: Raw Spread (cTrader), Raw Spread (MetaTrader), and Standard. Trading fees are low, with spreads as low as 0.0 – 0.6 pips and $0.0 – $3.5 commission per lot.

The maximum leverage is 1:200.

On IC Markets Official Website

Great For: Competitive Pricing

There is no FIFO rule on IC Markets that allow traders to hedge positions. Traders can also place orders, including stop-loss orders, as close to the market price as they like. IC Markets has low fees on forex trading and free deposits and withdrawals. It is easy to open an account, and the platform offers quality trading tools. 

Pros Cons
Low forex trading fees The investment portfolio is limited
An excellent trading platform available with great trading tools
Good educational content
Free deposits and withdrawals

Mobile App: 4.7/5

Regulation: 4.9/5

Fees: 4.8/5

Min. Deposit: $200

Overall: 4.8/5

Admiral Markets Logo

PFI Rating: 4.7/5

Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets was founded in 2001 and is regulated by CySEC, FCA, ASIC, JSC, and FSCA.

Admiral Markets offers four different account types with various fees, spreads, and commissions.

Average trading fees are medium compared to other brokers on this list.

They offer trading through MT4 and MT5 with versatile tools available. There are some particularly good volatility tools available for skilled traders, as well as comprehensive educational content.

On Admiral Markets Official Website

Great For: Pricing

Pros Cons
Excellent research and analytics tools The mobile app doesn't include all of the desktop trading features
Quality educational content Customer Support could be better
Low forex trading fees

Mobile App: 4.6/5

Regulation: 4.9/5

Fees: 4.8/5

Min. Deposit: $100

Overall: 4.7/5


HotForex Logo

HotForex is a brokerage offering an MT4 and MT5 trading Scalping Platform. This versatile scalping broker is appealing thanks to its low trading fees and easy account opening. Forex traders can enjoy a wide range of currency pairs available. 

HotForex also offers social trading and a demo account on their platform. HotForex is an excellent option for active day traders, offering flexible leverage up to 1000:1.

A high-quality Scalping PlatformSpreads are higher than many other brokers
Plenty of helpful research tools
Low forex trading fees
Plenty of currency pairs are available

Grand Capital

grand capital logo

Grand Capital is an MT4, MT5, and Web Trader broker that offers online trading of forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrency. This brokerage offers various accounts, and the ECN account (suitable for experienced traders) is the best scalping option. 

The Grand Capital trading platform offers multiple trading order types, analytical tools, and technical indicators. This brokerage offers over 330 trading instruments over various markets. 

Great analytics and research toolsWide Forex Spreads on basically all accounts
Offers wide-ranging trading instruments and market accessNot as highly regulated as other brokers
A high-quality trading platform
Good leverage options for forex trading
Various bonuses available


London Capital Group Logo

London Capital Group (LCG) is a great broker for scalping. This web-based trading platform can handle a wide range of assets and offers access to over 7000 instruments over various asset classes. 

LCG is regulated by the FCA, CIMA, and CySEC. There is a $0 account minimum, as well as a demo account for practicing trading. LCG offers a fairly high minimum spread compared to other brokers. This brokerage offers the MT4 trading platform.

$0 minimum depositNo VPS available
A well-regulated brokerageFees and spreads could be better
Client funds are segregated
Great mobile trading app

Vantage FX

VantageFX Logo

Vantage FX is one of the top choices, offering leverage to suit all kinds of trading strategies. Vantage FX is regulated by ASIC and allows scalping. 

Vantage FX offers MT4 and MT5 trading platforms and low fees for forex traders. Opening an account is fast and easy. They offer plenty of quality research and trading tools.

Low trading feesOffers a limited investment portfolio
Easy account opening process
Great educational content
Versatile trading tools

Titan FX

Titan FX logo

Titan FX is a New Zealand-based broker regulated by FMA. TitanFX is a global online Scalping trading platform offering over 227 tradable assets. This Scalping platform offers forex trading, spread betting, social trading, and share dealing. Scalping is available for forex traders.

Titan FX offers a very user-friendly MetaTrader platform. Various useful trading tools are available, and the platform supports all trading strategies. Titan FX offers a particularly fast and up-to-date trading platform, and traders can access 500:1 leverage.

A very user-friendly trading platform$200 account minimum
Great currency pairs available
Caters to all trading strategies


RoboForex Logo

Roboforex is an online forex and CFD broker, offering trading opportunities in global markets. This broker is a great choice for scalping, which can be done effectively through the online trading platform. Roboforex uses MT4, MT5, and cTrader.

Roboforex offers tight spreads and very fast order executions. Five account currencies are available, 40 currency pairs, and 100 instruments. Roboforex offers leverage of up to 1:2000.

No deposit or inactivity feesThere are no fixed spread accounts
A good range of currency Major Forex Pairs
Great trading platform with good tools
Quality mobile trading app available

How Does Scalping Work?

Forex scalping is a specific method of trading on the foreign exchange market. This is when traders buy or sell a certain currency pair, and they hold that currency for some time to earn a profit.

Forex scalpers need to be fast and efficient. Scalping is a technique that takes advantage of small gains with each trade to make many smaller profits.

Forex scalpers will go through many trades in a Single Trading Day and will not hold trades for more than a few minutes. Many traders use automated strategies.

Risks of Scalping

Forex trading always holds risks due to constantly changing markets. Forex scalping offers unique risks to trading, as prices are constantly moving. If a forex scalper holds the position for too long, the price may move out of the profitable range before they close the trade.

Scalping traders need to be incredibly fast and decisive. A Scalping Position can lose their profitability in a matter of seconds. If you scalping, you will need to pay extremely careful attention to your every move.

Regulation of Scalping

Generally, brokers want traders to buy currency at the offer and sell this at the bid instead of using a scalping method. Most trading platforms do not allow scalping on their platform, but certain brokers do allow it. Some Traders opt for Offshore Brokers.

These Scalping Brokers are regulated by top-tier authorities, such as the FCA or ASIC. So, scalping is legal and regulated, but not all brokers allow it.

Brokers' Policies on Scalping

Many brokers do not encourage scalping, but they will allow it occasionally and to a certain extent. This is because quickly adjusting and changing positions on a trade is normal for traders. The brokers we have listed above all offer the top platforms that cater best to scalping.

ECN Brokers and Scalping

ECN brokers are typically the most common type of brokers to offer scalping. These are brokers that do not directly pass on orders to market makers. Rather, ECN brokers do an electronic matching of participants, which are then passed over to liquidity providers.

Swing Trading vs. Scalping

Swing trading is based on making fewer daily trades, with more time to monitor the trades. This is monitored less frequently.

Scalpers focus on a much higher number of trades each day. These trades need much more careful attention, with faster changes and a tighter timeframe.

Leverage in Scalping

Leverage plays an important role in scalping. Scalpers usually use leverage to ensure that positions are high enough to earn a decent profit. In scalping, you need larger position sizes for better results. This is why scalping brokers usually offer higher leverage amounts.

How to Pick a Broker That Allows Scalping

There are a few factors to keep in mind when picking a broker. Here is what you should consider…


Forex scalping needs to be done through brokers that are properly regulated. Ensure that the broker has top-tier regulators that comply with the regulation standards in your country of trading.

Fees & Commissions

Different brokers offer unique spreads, fees, and commission structures. This can significantly affect your returns, so understand the fees before you start trading. We also have a guide where we compare the lowest cost Forex Brokers offering tight spreads.

Account Types

Most of the time, scalping is only available on brokers that operate through Agency execution like with ECN brokers. With an Agency Execution Account, the broker charges a commission for entering and exiting trades (plus spreads) while the order is sent to a third-party market maker.

Market Makers are the other type of brokers that might allow scalping, but not often. This is because market makers are counter-parties to your trades and lose money if you make consistent profits with scalping.

We suggest choosing a broker that executes large trading volumes with an agency-execution account.

Is it an ECN broker?

There are various types of brokers, falling under dealing desk or non-dealing desk brokers. ECN brokers are typically the best choice for scalpers. Some also use a DMA Broker or STP Brokers.

Customer Support

The type of customer support available can greatly impact your trading experience. Research whether your forex broker offers responsive 24/7 support.

What Can You Trade?

Besides forex, different brokers offer different tradeable products. This can include things like stocks, crypto, commodities, options, indices, precious metals, and CFDs.

Education Available

The best trading platforms should offer extensive educational content for more informed trading.

Trading Tools

Platforms offer various tools to help traders make better moves and stay protected. Consider the trading tools that your broker offers.

Account Minimums

The minimum amount of capital to open an account varies between brokers. Make sure that the capital available matches your broker’s requirements.

Deposit Methods

Different brokers offer different deposit and withdrawal methods for their accounts. Make sure that this matches your method of banking.

Research Available

Brokers offering higher research levels allow traders to make more informed decisions. Different platforms have unique research tools available.

Trading Platform

Brokers offer different trading platforms for different trading needs and experiences. The most popular are in-house Proprietary Trading Platforms and third-party trading platforms. Most Scalping Brokers today offer Web-Based, Desktop and Mobile Trading Platforms. While many third-party Scalping Trading Platforms such as MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5 or cTrader allow Automated trading strategies, scalpers should consider costs, execution speeds, and more.


We hope you found this guide informative enough to ease your decision when picking a Scalping Broker. All things combined we picked Pepperstone as the best broker that allows scalping.

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