How to Close Your Plus500 Account

This guide will go over how to close your Plus500 Account. If for whatever reason you decide to close your account, here are the needed steps. Before you decide to do that, read how we rated this broker.

How Do I Delete My Plus500 Account?

Closing your account at Plus500 is pretty simple and straightforward. There are a few required steps that are easy to complete. Make sure all of your positions are closed, otherwise you won't be able to close your account. To close your positions, simply click on the “open positions” and close them. Also make sure you don't forget any trader points on your Plus500 account.

Here is how you close your Plus500 account

If you want to delete/close your account first visit and then:

  1. Enter your name.
  2. Enter the email of the linked account you want to delete.
  3. Select “General” in the “Type of Query Field”.
  4. Write in “Delete Account” in the Subject field.
  5. Write the reason you want to terminate your account.
  6. Click “Send” to complete the account deletion process.

You can also use the live chat or WhatsApp options to get in touch with one of their representatives that will assist you. We recommend you use their online form and submit a request, which is better than the live chat option. 

Once you closed all your positions, there might be funds left in your account that you want to withdraw. First, either visit their website or use the Webtrader to get in touch with them to delete the account. After, withdraw all of your funds from the account, as there might be some fees that need to be paid first.

Why do people choose to delete their plus500 account?

The most common reason people delete an account is the fact they don't want to trade anymore. It could be that they lost money on the platform or found another broker that suits them better. You should read our guide here.

Another reason people choose to terminate their Plus500 account is they don't offer the instrument you want to trade. While they offer a huge amount of instruments, there might be some that you can't find. This is a reason you will want to close your account.

Now there are also more technical reasons why some traders choose to close their accounts. Some report withdrawal or deposit problems or problems with order executions. Before you decide and terminate the account, talk to Plus500 first, as most issues are a glitch and can be solved.

Finding another broker

If you were facing problems with their platform and decided to terminate the account with them, there are a few other options you have. If you lost a significant amount of money, it is sometimes good to take a break. You then sign up at another broker like eToro and use their demo account to regain your confidence. 

If you want to trade forex, we suggest going with Pepperstone. For a more hands-off approach and stock investing, we suggest eToro.

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