How to Make Money in Forex Without Actually Trading

Forex is one of the most popular currency exchanges on the Internet. In simple terms, Forex trading means you buy a currency at a low price and sell it when it increases in value.

The forex market is complicated as there is always the risk of losing money. Despite their strong interest in Forex trading, many new forex traders refuse to begin trading because they have a limited budget that they do not want to waste.

They frequently inquire how much it will cost them to begin trading Forex and are shocked to hear there is no entry-level price. Yes, you can earn money trading Forex without actively participating in it! How? Read on to find out.

Can I Make Money Without Trading Forex

Since forex markets represent the most liquid financial markets with 24/7 accessibility and low costs, many forex traders enter the market fast but quit even quicker after going bankrupt.

So, you might be thinking, as a beginner, “Is forex trading profitable?” Is it wise to keep trading forex, or should you give it up to protect your finances? You will be glad to know that there are methods for profiting from the Forex market without engaging in trading.

Here is how traders can earn money without trading Forex.

1. Affiliate Programs

Partner programs are a great way to earn money. Brokers give small sums to their business associates, who boost service usage. The strategy is perfect for website owners or famous bloggers with a large-paying target audience.

You are not required to understand financial activities or engage in currency trading. The rewards (commissions) you receive for referring people will be credited to your account. The affiliate program's guiding principle is as follows:

  1. You pick a forex broker. A forex broker is a financial services organization that allows its customers to trade foreign currencies.
  2. Sign up in the office, receive a live link for subscribers, and put it on your website.
  3. A potential customer will land on the broker's website after clicking the link. The next steps are registering, opening an account, and depositing the required sum.
  4. After completing these procedures, you will be given a percentage for a new user.

There are various affiliate schemes available with Forex. The first is similar to a traditional marketing tactic in which you publish a link on a website and receive referral bonuses.

Payments are occasionally made after the platform user completes the first or second transaction.

Another method utilizes specialized software, sales funnels, or other websites. In this instance, both the pay and the time required to develop a new target audience are significantly larger.

2. Copy Trading

Less experienced traders can duplicate the trades of more knowledgeable investors through copy trading. In short, copy trading is simply replicating someone else's work—in a positive way.

The basic motivation for copy trading is to achieve financial parity with successful investors. There is less room for expensive errors in investing.

The steps for copy trading are listed below:

  1. Sign up for a Forex trading account.
  2. On MT5 or MT4, look for, identify, and subscribe to a profitable Forex trade.
  3. Get a VPS for rent.
  4. Enable copying in your MetaTrader 5 or MetaTrader 4 account.

The deal is automatically made on your account without your involvement once the trader from whom you copied it has done so.

It is crucial to look for a solid and reputable copy trading supplier with an excellent risk management portfolio since if he or she makes money, you also earn your own money. If he or she loses money, you also lose.

3. Forex PAMM Accounts

Managed accounts are another way to make money from forex without actively trading. Putting money into a PAMM account (Percent Allocation Management Module or Percent Allocation Money Management) can yield enormous gains.

The software creates the necessary framework for users to connect their forex trading accounts to those of one or more other traders to duplicate their transactions over to their own accounts.

The key element of a PAMM account is that the more successful a Forex trader is, the more ready other traders are to link their accounts to his through the PAMM platform and offer him a cut of the profits they make.

4. Forex Contest

Forex competitions have developed into one of the most thrilling methods to acquire and hone your market skills in recent years and demonstrate your potential for a chance to win fantastic awards and incentives.

Numerous Forex brokers regularly hold contests to entice and motivate novice traders to begin trading forex without making an original commitment. Contrary to other contests, Forex contests are not too complicated.

To win, you must double your virtual account's income several times in the shortest time. The investment capital in your real account will serve as your reward.

Forex contests are a fantastic method for traders to put their tactics to the test, hone their skills, and boost their confidence.

5. Offer Educational Services

You can make money by providing educational services, such as Forex trading classes or webinars if you have a good grasp of the Forex market and can clearly explain your insights to others.

6. Remarks, feedback, and posts on various information websites.

Brokers frequently offer incentives for posting insightful comments on forums. If you take part in questionnaires and articles about forex and publish surveys and articles about forex, you earn money.

You will get a bonus on your actual trading account and develop your skills as a market analyst. Brokers are willing to spend a lot of money on Forex reviews.

7. Demo Account

Many trading platforms include a practice platform to learn trading without risking your hard-earned money.

To avoid wasting money while you are still studying, we suggest using a demo forex account. You can learn from your mistakes during practice trading so that you don't make the same mistakes in real time.

These no-risk demo accounts are often provided by the best forex brokerage firms, allowing new traders to practice trading without risking any money.

Is it profitable to trade Forex without Trading?

The profit without trading in forex depends on your trading strategies.

However, we would recommend you start with a small amount of money. This way, you'd learn and understand the essentials of forex trading and get market experience. The decision ultimately comes down to your specific goals and conditions.


Trading in the foreign exchange market has its benefits and risks. But if you are a new investor, we recommend you try out any of the above methods before you start trading.

Many successful traders start Forex without making any money but subsequently open real accounts and some experience true trading success.

Note that making money with Forex without trading has its risks and problems. Before attempting to make money, it is crucial to conduct extensive market research, start with a demo account and fully understand the market.

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