Top Market News Websites You Need To Bookmark

If you’re one of the many passive investors who doesn’t pay a lot of attention to economic news, it’s still a wise idea to stay up-to-date about the latest current markets if you’re investing money.

So, no matter what investing method you utilize or how high or low is your interest in the economy, you will still want to follow some of the market news websites but which ones can you really trust?

Well, in today’s article, I will list 20 reliable market news websites you should bookmark today, and gain access to the news right at your fingertips. That being said, let’s start the countdown.

How To Choose The Right Market News Website?

The internet helps everyone gain easy access to information including investing news. But choosing the proper market news outlets can be mind-boggling with so many options available.

And although which ones you decide to follow will be a personal choice, I want to help by pointing out some key factors to consider when making your choice. First of all, determine your financial interests as well as the data you need to succeed. This will help you narrow down the right media outlets.

Additionally, know what group of investors you belong to. Are you a buy-and-hold investor? Do you day trade? Once you determine what type of investor you are, focus on media outlets that cater to this type of investor. Also, look for unbiased content because you’re the one who needs to make decisions.

The investing news shouldn’t make investment choices for you. So, stay vigilant and cut out the websites that seem biased and constantly push their agenda, recommendations, and personal choices.

Lastly, pay close attention to the reliability of the website as well as the authors. Keep in mind that some writers don’t mind fluff as long as they reach a certain word count, so stay cautious.

What’s The Best Source For Market News?

Most people learn about investing and understand how particular markets as well as the economy work by checking Dow Jones, NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange, and other popular websites occasionally.

But sometimes, you will need much deeper insights. The following sources can provide those insights, so take a look and bookmark some of these market news websites according to your needs and interests.

MarketWatch has over 16 million visitors monthly. It’s a trustworthy website published by Dow Jones & Company which keeps track of different markets for invested investors.

Market Watch Screenshot

You can find the latest business news, financial information, and stock market data on MarketWatch. It’s also loaded with financial tips, stock market quotes, company news, and much more.

What I appreciate about this website is the wide approach to content and finances such as their opinion articles. MarketWatch also has a great diversification of writers besides their regular crew, which makes this website even better because you can read different interesting posts by different people. isn’t your ordinary market news website but it’s still a handy outlet for passionate newbies who want to learn more about investing. So, if you need any advice about specific rules or terms related to finances or investing, makes a great source of information.

It’s a website managed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, so you can be certain about the accuracy of the data found on the website. They cover a lot of information and provide different content such as calculators, financial tools, and tips on how to protect your investments.

They also teach the basics of investing and explain fees and commissions. You can also find information on cryptocurrencies, real estate crowdfunding, and more. I highly recommend this website for newbies and people with legitimate questions associated with the vast investing scene.

Seeking Alpha

If you’re looking for the ultimate news website for stock market opinions and analysis, look no further than Seeking Alpha. The website encourages intelligent finance discussion and makes a perfect place for investment research with a lot of content on stocks, ETFs, asset classes, and investment plans.

Seeking Alpha

Most of the articles and market news isn’t protected by a paywall, but some pieces of content and stock choices come at a certain price. Seeking Alpha offers a premium subscription that provides access to this information. It’s heaven on earth for serious investors who want to dive deeper than the basics.

So, if you’re a passionate veteran in the investment field, Seeking Alpha can help you step up your game. It’s not suitable for beginners because some of the content available on the website can cause confusion if you’re new to the market. All in all, it’s a credible market news website you should bookmark.

If you’re interested in learning about personal finances, Investopedia is perfect for you. The website has basic information for the investing space.

You can also find definitions of specific terms and investment processes and use Investopedia every time you need a reminder of the meaning of terms and processes.

Investopedia keeps track of business and investing news as well. It also delivers information about many individual stocks.

The best part? The website also provides a modern academy with courses for newbies and data for financial planners and advisors.

The Motley Fool UK

People like The Motley Fool UK because it’s focused on helping them make better investments and increase their wealth.

Established in 1993 in the United States by the brothers' Tom and David Gardner, this outlet helps users obtain financial freedom with a broad selection of premium investing reports and newsletters.

Motley Fool

You can trust this website because it’s one of the first investing news websites that has been around for decades. So, if you’re a passionate but calculated investor, you should definitely check this page.

The website will teach you valuable information about the stock market as well as your own money and how to invest wisely. You can also keep track of the latest stock news as well as trending topics.

The Motley Fool also provides podcast episodes, insights on personal and retirement finances, different stock picks, and so on. There’s also a discussion board for their community of users and readers.

So, you can chat with like-minded people and exchange experiences, advice, discuss different topics, and much more. is a privately-held and independent hub that specializes in the options and futures markets. If you’re interested in this type of information, go ahead and bookmark this website.

The popular website serves traders all over the world with a wide range of data about charts, services of quotes, and other information. You can also follow their blog for analysis, financial news, etc.

The blog also shares the POV of new sets of eyes on the financial scene associated with stocks, economic events, political events, futures, forex, and mutual funds, so definitely take a look.

The Wall Street Journal

If you’re not a big fan of paywalls to access information, I understand where you’re coming from. I don’t like it either but I also understand that some websites that offer valuable information must find a way to make their coin, too! And The Wall Street Journal is one of those websites.

Wall Street Journal

You can browse the website for free, read headlines, and article snippers but if you want more, you will need to subscribe. Only that way you can obtain more in-depth information. So, if you think it’s worth it, go ahead and bookmark this website, so you can subscribe to it after reading this article.

Typically, The Wall Street Journal provides deep and well-researched data about the economy, business, stock, market, and other amusing topics that might catch your interest such as tech and real estate. The website has multiple subscription plans and discounts for current students.

If you reside in India, you should check out Moneycontrol, India’s leading market news outlet where you can find various financial information and learn how to control your money with their online investment portfolio, Live CNBC TV18, live-time stock prices, and share market.

They also give different analyses on equity and the stock market, commodity market, personal finance, nifty, Sensex, personal finances, loans, banks, insurance, mutual funds, etc.

Financial Times

The Financial Times belongs to the group of websites with paywalls. People usually refer to this website as “FT”. What’s important to note is that the Wall Street Journal isn’t the same as FT.

If you subscribe to this website, you will notice right away that it’s focused on stocks and funds, personal finances, and stock market news. FT also covers other cool subjects besides market news. The best part? It provides graphs and charts to help you visualize data which makes reading more interesting.

Other things you will find on this website include career topics, opinion articles, and even life categories as well. FT provides different subscription plans and even a trial for up to four weeks.

If you’re a professional investor, analyst, or fund manager, then AlphaStreet is the perfect option for you. It’s a website that provides different types of financial news, resources, and other data that you can use to make well-informed decisions. You can gain access to high-quality, time-sensitive data.

Equity Master

Equity Master was established in 1996 and ever since it’s been the primary source for credible opinions on investing in India. In fact, it’s one of the best independent equity research initiatives in India. You can use this website to inform yourself of happenings in the stock markets and investment strategies.

If you’re a new investor, then Benzinga can help you learn about the basics of finances. It’s a great page that can help you gain access to different types of information and analysis including fintech, new ideas, stock ratings, the latest stock market changes, and various educational materials.

It’s very similar to Morningstar (another market news website I will discuss below). And like some other websites on this list, Benzinga has premium subscriptions for their financial tools including BenzingaPro, which is their service that helps traders invest better with different in-depth data.


A group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs in 1995 founded IIFL. It’s a financial services conglomerate that encourages people to dream big and believe in their dreams. IIFL serves more than 4 million happy customers across different business segments and continuously expands its customer base.

IIFL together with IIFL Home Finance Limited and Samasta Microfinance Limited delivers a wide range of mortgages and loans including home loans, gold loans, and business loans such as loans against property and medium & small enterprise financing, microfinance, developer and construction finance, and capital market finance, etc. It’s a large network of over 2,000 branches in India across over 500 cities.

Zacks Investment Research

The Zacks Investment Research isn’t the most modern website but it’s loaded with various types of data for investors, especially for beginners. You can find different articles, videos, analyses, and podcasts that discuss different financial subjects as well as plenty of educational information materials.

Overall, Zacks Investment Research helps people become more knowledgeable investors. They also have different packages including premium and ultimate packages which give access to various things such as Zacks industry rankings, top 10 picks, different tools, portfolio recommendations, and so on.

Another well-known market news website that I briefly mentioned above is Morningstar. If you want to learn about index funds and other stocks, this website is for you.

Besides staying up-to-date with the stock market, economic news, and best companies, the media news company provides reviews of different funds and stocks. You can find different reviews, analyses, latest prices, and financials provided by their experienced analysts and experts.

But here’s the real kicker. You can include your own portfolio of investments in your personal account as well as make watchlists. The website offers free content but with minimal information, so if you want to get access to more in-depth information, you need to upgrade to premium.

Overall, it’s a content-rich website that provides different in-depth data and insights with many products and services that can meet the financial needs of different investors.

Raging Bull

The Raging Bull makes trading easy and helps people become more confident in their abilities. The page helps investors take control over their decisions and live without any limits.

The millionaire traders such as Kyle Dennis, Jeff Bishop, Jason Bond, and Jeff Williams on the well-known website help people reach trading success, so definitely bookmark this page.

Scanz blog

If you’re searching for a very effective, comprehensive scanning tool, then the Scanz blog makes a great choice for you. The website can help you determine the right stocks to trade at the right time by picking from hundreds of real-time scanning criteria or choosing a professional scan from their library.

Yahoo Finance

Although people aren’t impressed by Yahoo’s general reporting, they appreciate Yahoo Finance because it’s one of the easiest websites to research a stock ticker and obtain reliable information you need about it. Yahoo Finance has been a staple in the investment news world for decades.

The website also has data and charts about the long-term outcome of specific index funds or stocks. You can also find economic and business news that can keep you informed of what’s new on the markets, so if you’re looking for a trustworthy website, look no further than Yahoo Finance.

Yahoo Finance

Google Finance

Last but certainly not least, I want to mention Google Finances, also known as the “news aggregator”. It collects information and content from different sources and displays it in its news sections.

Google Finance

I like this news outlet because it’s easy to use and provides a plethora of information from many outlets. So, you can gain access to the best market news content without having multiple tabs open at once.

Also, you obtain all the larger stock exchanges and you can produce your watch lists as well as include your investments to monitor news. Overall, it’s a great source of data for many investors.

Last Tips

Other places you can obtain market news include online brokers such as Fidelity, Vanguard, and Charles Schwab among many others.

Although online brokers execute trades, they also provide relevant data. And each online broker delivers similar and slightly different data.

Personal finance software such as Personal Capital, M1 Finance, Blooom, and Acorns, also provides solid investing news and information as well. You can also research Reddit and find stock investing news. Just make sure that you do your own research before you make any decisions. Some of the investing news threads you can review include r/StockMarket, r/stocks, and r/investing.

About the author

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