AfDB to provide funding for Rwanda to support Burundian refugees

29 Jan 16

The African Development Bank is to provide a $1m emergency grant to help Burundian refugees in Rwanda.


Over 70,000 people have so far crossed from Burundi into neighbouring Rwanda to flee intensifying political violence that erupted between government forces and rebels in April. This followed an announcement by the country’s president Pierre Nkuruziza announced he would seek to extend his 10-year rule with a third term in office.

Rwanda, which already hosts nearly 150,000 refugees from elsewhere in Africa particularly the Democratic Republic of Congo, is now under pressure due to the increased refugee population, the country’s minister of finance and economic planning Claver Gatete said.

The funding from the AfDB will used to provide much needed firewood for the refugee population.
“The increased refugee population, currently estimated at 148,000, and their demand for firewood has put a lot of pressure on the country’s environment and depleted available emergency finance assistance reserves in the National Treasury,” Gatete said.

Seraphine Mukantabana, minister for disaster management and refugees, added the government was looking at environmentally friendly alternatives to wood to provide a sustainable energy solution for the growing number of Burundian refugees.

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