Sri Lanka to include KPIs in budget plans

25 Aug 17

Sri Lankan government departments have been warned that all budget proposals for next year should include key performance indicators alongside their output targets.

The 2018 Budget will be prepared on a performance basis, the country’s finance ministry has said, requiring clear indications of project outputs together with indicators to assess performance.

Secretary to Treasury and Ministry of Finance and Mass Media RHS Samaratunga said priority would be given to ongoing and foreign-funded projects where KPI based measurable outcomes were identified, and to capital expenditure projects earmarked for implementation by each ministry provided these too carried KPIs.

Finance and media minister Mangala Samaraweera said that the government expected its reforms to lead to improvements in the performance of public financial management.

Major macroeconomic assumptions for 2018 include real GDP growth of 6%, inflation stabilised at 5% and an overall budget deficit at 4.3% of GDP.


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