OECD calls for views on guidance for public sector leaders

16 Aug 18

The OECD has called on people working in the public sector to help shape its international guidance on how to manage employees in the public sector.

The organisation’s first international consultation was released earlier this month to ask public service employees and citizens their views to form a ‘fit for purpose’ document with recommendations for leaders in the sector.

Daniel Gerson, OECD project manager for public employment and management, said in a blogpost that the document’s aim was to help member states decide how public employees should be managed and how policy should be set.

He said: “To date, very little international guidance exists to address the complex changes posed by people management and civil service reform in public administration.

“As the first OECD recommendation to address public sector employment, the draft recommendation fills an import gap.”

The consultation on the draft recommendations is open until 14 September.

The OECD said the guide will seek to provide “commonly understood values to guide a results-oriented and citizens-centred culture of leadership and policy and services design”.

It is also expected to motivate staff as well as identify and develop skills and resources needed.

Gerson said: “Too often, public employment systems are seen to be too slow to bring the right skills in, too rigid to re-skill existing employees and reallocate talent to emerging areas of need.”


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