Plus500 Fees & Commissions and Other Charges

In this article, we go over the Plus500 fees & commissions in detail. Although Plus500 has 0 fees on most of the services, our analysis shows a few fees they charge. Plus500 makes most of its money from spreads, among the lowest in the industry. Plus500 Leverage is also something to note as it multiplies the potential profit or loss. You should also read our Plus500 analysis and review or Plus500 UK review for more information on this CFD broker.

This is an overview of Plus 500 Fees

Fee TypeTierTerms
SpreadMidThe fee is built into the quoted price
Inactivity FeeLowFor accounts after three months of inactivity.
Currency ConversionLow (up to 0.7%)Instruments in a different currency than account base currency
Guaranteed Stop OrderLowHigher spread for Guaranteed Stop Orders
Overnight FundingMidFinancing rate for open positions after “Overnight Funding Time”
DepositNoneFees for depositing money
WithdrawalNoneFees for withdrawing money
Real-time Forex QuotesNoneReal-time Quotes for Currency Pairs
Live Share CFD PricesNoneReal-time Quotes for Share CFDs
Rollover FeeNoneRolling over positions in your account

Plus500 does not charge fees for:

  • Deposits
  • Charts & Graphs
  • Real-time Forex Quotes
  • Rolling Your Positions
  • Opening and Closing Trades
  • Live Share CFD Prices

Plus500 charges the following fees:


Plus500 charges spreads, through the difference in the Bid/Ask spread. When a trader opens a position, a spread is incorporated into the quoted price. That means no additional charge to the quoted rate. You can view the spread by logging into your account, finding the instrument, and clicking on the details icon.

Additional Fees

While Plus500 doesn't charge fees for most of its services, there are some fees they do charge. The following could be applied, depending on the activity of your account.

Inactivity Fee

The inactivity fee at Plus500 is $10 per month if you don't log in to your account for at least three months. The fee is then charged for each month after that if you don't log in to your trading account. This is only collected if from real money accounts with sufficient available funds. To avoid the fee, just log in to your account from time to time. This is considered enough 

Currency conversion fee

Plus500 Currency Conversion Fee is up to 0.7% of the unrealized profit or loss of an open position. This is displayed in real-time. If the currency of the instrument is in a different currency than your account a conversion fee is charged.

Guaranteed Stop Order

A wider spread is applicable if you choose the Guaranteed Stop Order. This guarantees that your trade is closed at a specifically requested price.

Overnight Funding

Plus500 charges an overnight funding fee for holding positions after the “overnight funding time”. The time and the percentage are displayed if you click on the “details” link next to the instrument on the main screen. 

The overnight funding fee is also known as the financing rate. 

The formula to calculate the fee is:

Trade Size * Position Opening Rate * Point Value * Daily Overnight Funding %

For Share CFDs the formula is:

Trade size * Daily Close Rate * Point Value * Daily Overnight Funding %

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

There are no deposit and withdrawal fees at Plus500. On some occasions like international credit/debit card transactions, incoming or outgoing bank transfers, and forex conversion fees are charged. These fees are determined by your bank and not by Plus500. 

Plus500 covers most of the payment processing fees. If you are charged any of these fees, these are determining by your payment issuer and not Plus500.

Plus500 Trading Fees

Plus500 Trading Fees are average when compared to other brokers. 

The only trading fee at Plus500 is the market spread. Some brokers might charge commissions on each trade. However, Plus500 does not charge any commissions per trade.


Plus500 has average mid-tier fees when compared to other CFD brokers. They don't charge fees for deposits, real-time forex quotes, dynamic charts & graphs, Live Share CFD prices, opening or closing positions, and rolling your positions. Plus500 does charge spreads, overnight funding fees, inactivity fees, currency conversion fees, and Guaranteed Stop Order fees. 

Plus500 is an excellent choice for active traders looking for a reliable CFD broker with a great trading platform and a wide range of trading instruments.

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