Plus500 Trader Points Table – What Are They and How Do They Work?

Plus 500 offers traders points to its traders*. Trader Points (TPoints) are collected by opening positions and are calculated based on the difference between the buy and sell rate of the instrument. In order to verify and view the number of Trader Points you have collected, you can go to “Funds Management” -> “Bonus Account” on the Platform. Plus500 strives to use these promotional tools (bonus) in a fair manner, however, they reserve the right to make changes at any time. 

*Trader Points are available ONLY to clients under the  Plus500SG Pte Ltd and Plus500SEY Ltd

To withdraw a bonus, all the predetermined terms must be completed. This means that the full amount must be collected to fulfill the bonus terms. This must be done in the bonus validity period. Not complying with these terms results people not being able to withdrawing their bonus and some claiming Plus500 is a Scam and not Legitimate, which is not true. If you want to delete your account, read our guide on how to close a Plus500 account.

You can calculate or view Trader Points collected by using the tables below. 

Trader Points Table For Instruments

The following table shows the amount of TPoints on some popular instruments for trading €2.000 worth.

InstrumentAmount per €1000
Natural Gas2.38
US-TECH 1000.30
Ethereum 7.12
USA 5000.38
Moderna (Weekly Contract)11.82
Alibaba (Weekly Contract)5.9
Tesla (Weekly Contract)6.66
Zoom (Weekly Contract)13.06