Best Trading Platform Albania

In this guide, we go over the best trading platforms in Albania. We analyzed and researched hundreds of brokers based on a variety of different factors. We compared every aspect of their services, focusing on security, fees & commissions, trading platform, regulation, offering of investments, trading tools, deposits & withdrawals, and more. Brokers had to meet a threshold to be considered in the following list.

Top Trading Platforms for Traders in Albania

  • AvaTrade – Best Online Broker Albania Overall
  • Pepperstone – Best Forex Trading Platform In Albania
  • FP Markets – Low Spreads Trading Platform Albania
  • XTB – Stock Exchange Listed Trading Platform Albania
Online Trading Platforms Albania

Best Online Brokers in Albania

Trading PlatformOur ScoreInformationMinimum Deposit
#1AvaTrade4.9Intuitive Trading Platform and Mobile App. Great For Forex and Crypto Day Trading.$100
#2Pepperstone4.8Low Spread Forex Broker.$0
#3FP Markets4.7Low Forex Fees. Fast Execution Speeds.$100
#4XTB4.7Variety of Investments Available.$0

How to pick an online trading platform?

When picking an Albanian trading platform, you should consider the following factors:

  • Overall great service
  • Regulation
  • Safety
  • Fees & Commissions
  • Range of Products
  • Account Opening Process
  • Deposits & Withdrawals

Read below, where we break down the Best Stock Trading Platforms in Albania, starting with our best-rated AvaTrade.

AvaTrade – Best For Forex Trading in Albania

AvaTrade is our top pick as the best broker in Albania. With low trading and non-trading fees, fast and easy account opening, and great customer service, AvaTrade ranks at the top of our list.

They are regulated by the FCA, ASIC, FSCA, FRSA, Israel Securities Authority, Financial Services Agency, and Financial Futures Association of Japan.

The minimum deposit is $100.

Pepperstone – Low Spread Broker

Pepperstone Logo
Visit Site >>

74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs

Pepperstone comes in second as the best low spread broker for Albanian Forex traders. Their trading platform is great, and their execution speeds are one of the fastest in the industry. Choose Pepperstone if you are looking for a reliable Forex broker with low fees.

FP Markets – Best for Execution Speeds

FP Markets is another great broker for Albanian traders looking to focus on Forex and CFD trading. Their execution speeds are great, and their spreads ultra-low. They offer over 60 currency pairs, 10,000 stocks, commodities, bonds, metals, and crypto.

XTB – Trade With Cash Back Rebates

XTB is an established trading platform offering over 2100 global markets. Their platform and mobile app are easy-to-use, and their education is top-notch. They have over 450,000 customers worldwide and offer fast and qualified support.

Online Trading in Albania

Albania, a country in the southeastern part of Europe, is gaining access to the online equity and forex markets quickly as a member of the European Union and an emerging economy.

As more and more international brokers are offering their services in Albania, retail traders now have the opportunity to start online trading.

All local brokers are required by law to obtain a license from the Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) of Albania, which is the only authority for licensing, regulation, and supervision of all major financial activities in the country. You can find out more about FSA here. We also recommend following the official Twitter account of the Bank of Albania, the central bank of Albania.

Albania's GDP is dominated by the agricultural industry. Almost being part of the European Union and having better economic and financial policies has made Albania a lucrative destination for international investors looking to capitalize on commodity trading such as livestock and crops.

The Albanian Stock Exchange, established in 2017, was the first private capital-licensed stock exchange in the country. Its main activity is the trading of securities and other financial instruments. 

The stock exchange has helped to attract businesses from other Albanian-speaking regions, such as Kosovo, which also serves as a platform for Albanian stock and equity investors. 

For more information, please refer to the official page of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Regulation in Albania

Due to the rapid economic growth of Albania in recent years, Albania is now transforming into a financial hub attracting many international forex, equity brokers, and investors. The regulatory bodies of these brokers are working hand in hand with the Bank of Albania and the Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority (AFSA) to ensure a safe and secure environment for Albanians to trade. 

Albania is transitioning as it prepares to join the European Union. This means that financial and trading laws will likely change rapidly throughout the upcoming years.

 For more about regulations, visit the Official website of AFSA and Bank of Albania

How to Verify Authorization by the Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA)

To identify if a local broker is registered with FSA, the first step is to locate the register or license number. This should be located at the bottom of the broker’s home page.

Next, search for the broker on the FSAs website with the name and license or registration number to validate the brokerage firm. You can find the list of authorized online brokers in Albania at the following site

With offshore offices, international brokers do not need a license to operate in Albania. Their validity can be checked by cross-referencing their license numbers with their regulatory bodies.

Final Verdict

We hope you found all the details you needed in our guide. Just to recap, here are the best online brokers in Albania:

AvaTradePepperstoneFP MarketsXTB
Our Score4.
Fees Score4.
Mobile App Score4.
Trading Platform Score4.
Offering Of Investments Score4.
Regulation Score4.

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