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  • Davos_Shutterstock On top of the world?Growth rates in the UK are surging ahead of Germany, France and Japan, while the emerging economies are struggling. So who's walking tall and who's lagging behind when it comes to global growth? David Walker discusses the issues in Public Finance's cover feature
  • Dar es Salaam_Shutterstock Power upFew countries have enjoyed as robust recent economic growth as Tanzania. But, as Finance Minister William Mgimwa suggests, there is still much more to come
  • Rio Carnival Country spotlight: BrazilUnprecedented social, economic and structural transformations have reshaped Brazil over the last two decades. The 1990s saw the economy stabilize, a struggle to keep inflation under control, increased openness to foreign markets and strengthened democratic institutions
  • Migration, myths and mobility
    Migration from new member states to richer countries within the EU has raised concerns that migrants tend to abuse the welfare state. This is not the case, but to help defuse...
  • A Bund-buying spree for the ECB?
    A European Central Bank programme of Quantitative Easing based on German government bonds would be a useful move. It would help to eliminate structural imbalances and push up...
  • Spain: a question of control
    The role of the controller within Spanish government has recently been enhanced by new legislation. Hopes are high that this will improve accountability and independence at...


South Africa- Construction_Alamy

Africa’s infrastructure issues

The crane-dominated skyline of many African cities suggests an infrastructure revolution is taking place. But this is far from the truth and few projects get beyond implementation, argues Matt Andrews

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