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  • Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan, the Minister of Public Administration for Trinidad and Tobago Transforming Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago is changing. Its public service is in the process of casting off the shackles of an outdated structure and is in the midst of a huge programme of reform. Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan, its Minister of Public Administration, takes time out to tell Devindra Ramnarine about changing times in the Caribbean
  • Professor Peter Shergold Pioneering public service reform in AustraliaSenior roles across government, business and academia in Australia have left Professor Peter Shergold with deep insight on how to deliver reform and on what makes people tick. Here, he tells Lucille Halloran about his experiences and the increasing significance of behavioral economics across the public service
  • Wind Farm in South Africa Climate change: green light for growthClimate change is far more than just a long-term trend it's happening today, and its repercussions are all too real, threatening to overwhelm key development progress made over previous decades. EY's Arnaud Bouillé, though, says that green energy investment also represents a key economic opportunity for emerging markets
  • How to solve an economic trilemma
    How do you combine high employment and low levels of inequality, without high taxes? There are lessons to learn from both the Netherlands and Switzerland Since the 1990s,...
  • US education: an Ivy League of its own
    What could possibly justify high US government subsidies to elite private universities, compared with low subsidies to public universities serving lower income students? We...
  • The coming European depression
    The European authorities have created a lethal policy brew, imposing deflationary monetary policies while withdrawing the financial safety net. Depression is the inevitable...


New York City

US budgeting: hope over expectation? By William Glasgall 

Both New York City and Nassau County are using opaque financing to justify spending plans. By setting budgets based on assumptions of savings and revenue that may be ephemeral, they are showing a lack of transparency and accountability.

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