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For many years becoming a full-time investor or trader was only for the elite. The costs, red tape and capital required limited many ordinary people from joining the financial markets. It limited them from not only becoming stock traders but from even having an idea what it is all about. That has all changed in today’s modern age, where anybody can become a trader. All you need to get started today is a reliable internet connection and at least $10 US dollars (for specific financial platforms). Sounds accessible and straightforward, right? Well, it is! Online trading has increasingly piqued the world’s attention for this reason. It is designed to incorporate as many people as possible worldwide who want to try their hand in the investing game. From adding a small extra income to completely being a full-time career, online trading can do it all.

The challenge in today’s world is not how to start trading.

The question is: “How to profit with trading?”

Anyone who joins should know that profits are not guaranteed. Losing money is common. To make profits, you need a stellar understanding of what online trading is. There is a lot of information that you need to have, before you begin trading with real money. This can often be attained in stages.

Online trading brokers understand that trading is not easy. You can gain the knowledge and confidence you need to begin through a demo account. Demo accounts are free and allows you to trade on real-world financial markets but without the risks of losing money. These accounts are also known as paper trading accounts. Demo accounts enable you to test out strategies and learn how the trading platform functions.


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I launched Public Finance to make sure you don't make the same mistakes as me.

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Back in 2017, I made the mistake of trusting the wrong online trading platform. I take full responsibility for what happened. Long story short, I lost all of my assets due to the online broker security issues.

I learned the hard way, that by not doing full due diligence and trusting the wrong companies, I was putting my money at risk.

This is why I decided to launch PFI and share insights about trading platforms – the good and the bad, so you don't compromise your money like I did.

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When online trading, you will use a broker who executes the trades on the market. Picking the right broker can literally make or break your trading career. Here are a few factors to consider, before making a decision:

  • Regulation – The broker you choose to trade with should be regulated. Ideally you should look for tier-1 compliance.
  • Fees – Fees and commission vary from broker to broker. Active traders should look to minimize costs as these stack up over time.
  • Speed of execution – For day trading (active traders) this is another factor to consider. This will enable you to pay the price you want or as close to that as possible.
  • Customer Support – Every trader needs assistance at some point. You should look for online brokers that offer quick and good customer support.
  • Trading Platforms – The trading platform should offer the order types, charting tools, research data that you need.
  • Available Markets and Assets – What are you going to trade? A Forex trader need the right currency pairs available. While a stock trader wants the stocks available on the trading platform.

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We list the top trading platforms based on a wide variety of factors. Fees and commissions, platform usability, customer support, mobile trading app, available markets & products… these are just a few of the factors that we consider before recommending a platform.

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While we list different brokers in our trading platforms lists, we don't cover everything there. Usually we provide a summary. That is why we have individual reviews of online brokers where we cover everything you need to know. Head over to this section and research each broker in detail.

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