Macron agrees to rise and €275m of overtime payments to French police

21 Dec 18

The French government has caved into demands for a pay rise and overtime payments to the police following weeks of protests.

The French police have been overstretched ever since the so-called ‘yellow vest’ protests began several weeks ago.

They also had to increased holiday surveillance around the country after the deadly attack last week near Strasbourdg Christmas market.

Five people have died since a gun man burst into the Strasbourg Christmas market on 11 December. Eleven were left wounded.

The interior ministry said yesterday that after two days of meeting with police unions the government had agreement to increase their offices’ wages.

The Unité-SGP Police union said police officers’ wages would gradually be raised by an average of €120 per month and up to €150 for the most senior officers by the end of 2019.

The unions said president Emmanuel Macron’s government had also agreed to sort out the issues of unpaid overtime, which amounts to €275m, but details have yet to be worked out.

Macron promised last week to increase the minimum wage and cut taxes in response to the violent ‘yellow vest’ protests across the country.

This comes as authorities said a ninth person has been confirmed dead as a result of the unrest.

Initially the demonstrations in France were over the government’s proposed fuel tax hikeswhich were later scrapped.

They evolved into protests against the high living costs in France and growing dissatisfaction with Macron himself.

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