TradeJuice Review – Is Nikola Delic and Tradeology Signals LEGIT?

Tradejuice is a brand new forex trading signal service from Nikola Delic. The member’s area is a platform with the following categories of Forex, Crypto, Commodity, Indices signals. This service is based on algorithms and trading techniques that Nikola has developed over the years.


Tradejuice is a forex trading signal service that has an average win rate of 67%. It provides traders with exact entry and exit points, time frames, and directions for the forex trades. It is great for both beginner and experienced traders looking for a trustworthy and reliable forex signal provider.

At the time of this review, the system has generated 21127 trades with an average win rate of 67% and an average risk-reward of 1:3.

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TradeJuice Members Area

We have access to the Trade Juice members area.

Here is what the data feed shows you. You will get the exact entry and target price points with stops you need to trade. All that is left is to place the trade at your broker.

Members Area

You will find a hotlist of trades you can take on the dashboard. These are the best high probability setups in the 4 categories.

Each trade signal comes with the following:

  • Instrument (pair)
  • Time Frame
  • Direction (bearish or bullish)
  • Entry price
  • Target price
  • Stop Loss
  • Risk reward

Trade Juice is not a trading software, system, or trading robot. The TradeJuice is a cloud-based signals provider based on proprietary algorithms and years of experience. The algo scans the markets and updates the “hot lists” every hour. 

They provide signals on:

  • more than 26 currency pairs
  • commodities (Oil, Gold, Silver, and others)
  • Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, and more)
  • Indices (S&P 500, DAX, and more)

It is more than just a signal provider. It gives you all the needed information to buy or sell at the right moment. It shows you the overall market trend and gives you an option to trade conservative or aggressive.

The algorithm is a combination of 120 independent but linked algorithms.

How to use the TradeJuice System?

Members Area - Screenshot1

Once you see a setup in the members’ area, you simply go to your trading platform and enter the trade. 

  1. Find the signal
  2. Identify the entry point
  3. Open the order
  4. Wait for the trade to execute


TradeJuice is compatible with all the modern trading platforms. It will fully integrate with your broker.

Education Section

In the education section, you can find the archived webinar recordings and other educational videos. There are in-depth videos on how to use the platform and Q&A webinars.